Custom USB Flash Drives & Gross Sales Letters - Marketing Using A Twist

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Published: 17th January 2011
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Do you think direct mail sales letters are obsolete currently? Think again, I am about to show a new way to compel your audience to actually read your letter plus act upon it. Brand-new heard about the amazing of promotional USB Flash drives?

Promotional USB flash drives are special flash drives branded by your enterprise. You put your logo and in some instances contact details on these flash drives and no problem these away as gifts for your targeted market or to the customers. What I am proposing is sending out these branded promotional USB drives together with your sales letters. Don't whine, I can prove that your fees won't skyrocket.

Why You Ought to Send Out Promotional USB Flash Drives with Sales Letters?

The magic formula in the success of direct mail sales letters should be to compel your intended reader to truly read the letter. A promotional flash drive will guarantee that the receiver of the letter reads through the letter to discover the GENEROUS company presenting these away. That is merely a surprise gift and it also will amaze them, of course who gives promotional gifts aside from calendars or pens?

How Wouldn't It Run You a Fortune?

The USB flash drives are expensive but not when you buy most of these in bulk. There are certain firms offering the service to be able to personalize your USB drives and yes it doesn't cost much to acquire these USB drives in bulk branded with all your business details.

Besides the price tag on branding these promotional USB Flash drives, there are various other steps which will make sure your cost would continue to be low.

1. Make that mailing highly targeted. The success of special mail sales letter largely be determined by the right aiming. If you're sending the letters to help everyone, the response rate is sure to be harshly low. but mailing to some specific and highly relevant group of people, always generate an improvement. This way you postal mail less letters, hence send out less USB drives. Your cost is low however the response rate is high.

2. Offer a Fabulous Deal or Service. If your letter contains a decent deal or service suggestion, they will want to answer your letter. The only thing stopping them will be the issue of trust. This matter would be solved while you give the an COSTLY gift, like a publicize USB flash drive. High response will bring about a profit and high profits always flattens this costs.

Just stick with the golden rules with the direct mailing and the remaining work will be performed by your promotional Flash drives. is a large custom usb flash drives company based in Shenzhen, CHina. They are web-based and factory-direct which allows them to keep prices lower than the rest of the competition. They also have a huge selection of promotional USB flash drives from classical model to customized ones.

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